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Abi and Margaret

Odylique & Our Story

Based in Suffolk, England, we are a small family team headed by Margaret, Colin and daughter Abi (see picture, from left to right: Abi & Margaret). Since establishing the Essential Care brand as a trademark and mail order company in 2003, we have been on a mission to make the purest skincare on earth.

Celebrity Comments

I've discovered Essential Care Organic Rose Moisturiser which is the ultimate - I can't live without it!
Denise Van Outen Actress
Calendula stops my nose from getting red and raw - I love it.
Sarah Beeney Television presenter
Essential Care are the best products; they leave my skin refreshed, clean and bright!! Love them!
Rachel McDowall Actress
My favourites Nuz & Essential Care keep my skin flawless.
Ashley Lilley Actress


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Organic Rose Moisturiser | Rose Day Cream | Timeless Rose Moisturiser

Award Winnig Organic Rose Moisturiser - Sheer natural luxury day cream for all skin types and the eye area. 50ml & 15ml

Awards and Certifications

  • Natural Health Magazine Award 2016
  • Soil Assocation Logo

Timeless Rose Moisturiser

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“I can’t live without it” - Denise van Outen, actress

A luxurious, antioxidant day cream with soothing and regenerative organic rose. This natural moisturiser is excellent for sensitive skin and may be suitable for skin prone to rosacea. Rose helps calm any redness, while promoting skin restoration. Powerful extracts of rosehip and sea buckthorn smooth the skin and promote cell renewal. Deeply moisturising yet light-textured oils of jojoba and coconut, plus aloe juice and the hydrolat of damask roses absorb fully, leaving the skin soft and velvety smooth.

Rose Moisturiser is naturally high in antioxidants to reduce fine lines and counteract the ageing and collagen-destroying effects of 'free radicals' and sunlight. Treat your skin to the best day cream that nature can offer.

With its light texture and antioxidant powerpack, this moisturiser is also suitable as an eye cream. It is suited to all sensitive skin types, including combination, normal-dry and mature.

For customers who have previously bought Essential Care Rose Moisturiser, do not worry, little will have changed in the way of texture or scent. We’ve added a wonderful extract of rejuvenating rosehip to boost the cream’s ‘pro-ageing’ power – hence ‘Timeless’ in the product title. We’ve also made small improvements to the formulation to ensure that the scent is consistently beautiful. In other words, Rose Moisturiser is even rosier than before!


  • Calming & restorative rose water and rose
  • Rejuvenating and smoothing rosehip
  • Pro-collagen sea buckthorn (a rich plant source of a natural component of our skin, an Omega 7 fatty acid, the production of which declines with age)
  • Soothing and moisture-locking aloe vera
  • Hydrating jojoba and coconut
  • Protecting & moisturising raw shea


  • 100% natural, 94.1% organic
  • Suitable for vegans
  • Product is Soil Association certified.
  • We use recyclable packaging that was manufactured in the UK and Western Europe. It has not been air freighted to us.
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61 Reviews For Timeless Rose Moisturiser

  1. Star Rating


    Love this stuff! Smells lovely and feels very soothing.

  2. Star Rating


    My skin had become dry & irritated over the winter, with redness and spot on cheeks. Within a couple of weeks using the rose toner, moisturiser & coconut cleanser my skin hasn't look this good for years.

  3. Star Rating

    Lorraine 30/04/2016

    I was a bit worried when I first purchased this,as its a lotion, and wasn't sure it would be moisturising enough. I needn't of worried , it's lovely, sinks in straight away,and smells lovely...

  4. Star Rating


    I discovered this moisturiser a long time ago. Works very well on my sensitive skin, perfect all year round, love this product. Great price for natural product.
    For more mature skin or very dry skin I would recommend to try Avocado 24-hour replenishing cream.

  5. Star Rating


    As someone who loves the smell of roses it can be disappointing to buy a product and find very faint scent of rose however this is not the case with the Timeless Rose Moisturiser. I am very pleased with how this feeds my skin and as I use mineral powder make up have found it suits very well.

  6. Star Rating

    C T08/04/2016

    Just ordered full size after testing with trial size. Perfect for my sensitive combination skin. Lovely delicate scent and quickly absorbed cream left my skin feeling comfortable and hydrated without feeling greasy or sore. A little goes a long way. I think Ihave found the perfect solution for my problem skin. Highly recommended.

  7. Star Rating


    I bought this in a trial size,and love it.Its not over the top on the rose fragrance although its detectable and smells lovely, it not overpowering,which I have had with some other brands.Great ingredients, and so now Im about to order the full size bottle :-) I'm so grateful for small trial samples!

  8. Star Rating


    I have mature, sensitive, dry skin - I have found the answer with Rose Moisturiser during the day (and Avocado at night) and all dry skin has disappeared.

  9. Star Rating


    I've been using the Rose Moisturiser from the former Essential Care range for years and welcomed the arrival of the Timeless Moisturiser with a great joy. Beautifully balanced, light and easily absorbed by the skin. It does deliver on calming and smoothing as well as deep moisturising. Using it before applying make up too!

  10. Star Rating

    Miss Pickles20/09/2015

    This moisturiser soaks into my skin without any effort. It's hydrating without being heavy. I am very fussy with skincare but I love this product I have repurchased it 3 times.

  11. Star Rating


    Its the best cream ever! I am using it for more than 4 years and its fantastic! It makes my skin soft and calms it down! love it!

  12. Star Rating


    I've been using this for a few years and really love it. Nice, light smell, absorbs quickly, and makes my face feel refreshed. Lovely stuff.

  13. Star Rating


    This cream is so... so amazing, it helps to reduce the spots on my skin, it's ideal for summer, my skin is not oily after using this.
    I love it!

  14. Star Rating


    I am rating 5 stars now .After first use was really good my face was moist and not oily. After few weeks of using even better. I love the fact you could use it under eyes. I use it around my eyes and is lovely no sensitive eyes any more, no itching. Love the smell, my face improved a lot, love the fact that there are no nasties, even my partner likes to use it and he has very!!! sensitive skin that reacts with most stuff.

  15. Star Rating


    I have only been using this product for 3 days and I have already noticed the change in my skin, my skin does not feel so thighs and the redness has reduced. Even my husband has noticed the difference already. I would highly recommend this product.

  16. Star Rating


    It smells lovely. After first aplication my face was smooth and moist but without being oily. No irritation, no feeling dry like all other moisturisers recently. I love the fact that my bare minerals foundation goes with it realy well not cakey like with other moisturaisers that I was using until now. will see how it goes within days. Hope this is what I was looking for. Will update soon.

  17. Star Rating


    I have sensitive combination skin that is prone to rosacea, especially in the winter. Most sensitive moisturisers either leave my skin too oily, sticky or reactive. When I have tried organic alternatives, I have found them too thick and mask-like. This is light and lovely, your skin can really breathe. At first, I was worried that it felt like nothing at all, but now my skin just loves it more and more; whenever I run out, it notices!

  18. Star Rating


    I absolutely adore this moisturiser, from its texture to its smell. Great to use in the morning, sinks in beautifully, not too heavy or greasy. A perfect am treat- timeless.

  19. Star Rating


    An amazing light weight cream, easily absorbed, makes my skin feel super soft, super nourished & super young!

  20. Star Rating


    It is light and nourishing, leaving my face so soft! The scent is wonderful as well. I really recommend this one. Definitely gonna buy again!

  21. Star Rating


    I've Just taken delivery of this face cream and really love it. It's easy to apply and sinks into the skin leaving a great finish and a beautiful scent. My skin feels smooth and really well nourished.

  22. Star Rating

    margaret ann 31/01/2015


  23. Star Rating


    I've used this moisturiser for sometime now, and I really miss it when I run out and forget to order it in time. I absolutely love it, and haven't found anything better. It's light, but very deeply moisturising, perfect for sensitive skin prone to dryness like mine. It smells gorgeous, and goes on easily. Really recommend it. I tend to use it as a day cream and use the avocado moisturiser as a night cream, as its richer. It goes on really well under makeup, and is a great year-round product. I've never found that it's not been moisturising enough in the tricky winter months, but likewise in the summer, it never goes greasy. Can't recommend it more!

  24. Star Rating


    Very light and silky moisturiser, weightless on the skin and absorbs in seconds. Skin feels amazing all day long, perfect all year round, both winter and summer. Using it for couple years now and can't live without it. Don't be fooled by bottle's size, it lasts for months! And you can take in into hand luggage on the plane too. It stays with me forever! I hope it will never be discontinued or changed.

  25. Star Rating


    I have been using this product for several years now as I have found its great at keeping my sensitive skin looking great. It's light and quickly absorbed into the skin with no oiliness or residue. Feels great on the skin.

  26. Star Rating


    I stocked up on this before the packaging changed, so unfortunately I haven't had a chance to try this beautiful new pump bottle yet, but the moisturiser itself is a firm favourite that I use every day. It seems to be just right for my skin, which is combination tending to dryness, and very sensitive. It sinks right in so is great under makeup and it feels gentle enough to use around the eye area as well, which is very convenient.

  27. Star Rating


    Although my combination skin usually behaves itself, in winter it gets very sensitive, flaky and dry with sometimes small patches of eczema, especially on the cheeks. I have tried many organic products for YEARS and have never found anything to calm it down. Until now! I switched my facial skincare over to Odylique a few weeks ago and the flakiness has almost completely gone and the patch of eczema is disappearing! I use this rose moisturiser (I like the new anti-ageing element, as I'm 34!) and the silk touch cleanser. I look forward to trying more of the range, and I finally look forward to having beautiful skin in winter! Thank you Odylique! :)

  28. Star Rating


    I've used the Rose Moisturiser for years and have found it genuinely the only face cream that doesn't make my combination skin oily. I was slightly worried when it recently changed to the Odylique branding as it seemed greasier than before, but after a quick email and personal response from Margaret herself(!) she assured me that the new bottle dispenses slightly more 'per squirt' so I'm now even happier that it will last even longer - and yes, when I reduced the amount I used, my skin no longer seemed oily. Absolutely fantastic, light, deliciously fragrant product.

  29. Star Rating


    Another lovely product from Odylique !

  30. Star Rating


    Love Rose Moisturiser, it's the best cream I ever bought and highly recommend to all

  31. Star Rating


    Beautifully light, gorgeous smell and is absorbed quickly into the skin, even my husband loves it.

  32. Star Rating


    This is the best moisturiser I have ever tried. It is quickly absorbed, smells wonderful and skin instantly feels softer and firmer. It is soothing and both myself and my teenage daughter really like it. I have had trouble for years finding a moisturiser which didn't irritate my skin and could only use balms but am so pleased I can now use this moisturiser. A really lovely product.

  33. Star Rating


    this is my fave face cream because it banishes my red patches and leaves my skin look glowing and fresh.
    I also love layering this with my persian rose perfume <3

  34. Star Rating


    Don't think just buy it I have tried everything and I mean everything nothing beats this moisturiser I have tried the expensive little 100 pound well know brand pot to normal soap. This is perfect you put it on your skin and your skin drinks it up, no greasy filmy nasty plastic coated creams this is my perfect moisturiser and my mums too!!!!! Perfect note I would love odylique to come up with a sun cream please pretty please

  35. Star Rating


    I have been using the rose moisturiser for over 5 years now and it is the best, it is light and makes my skin feel instantly refreshed. The scent is subtle and natural. I use it every day and the avocado moisturiser at night.

  36. Star Rating


    Having tried many, and I mean many eye creams over the years, I have finally found something I can apply around my eyes without any irritation at all. This is one I shall stick with. Also the price is extremely affordable. As a facial moisturiser it is a little bit light for an old gal like me so am using the avocado one which is beautiful. Just the job.

  37. Star Rating


    I've been using it for 4 years now and it's one of the most amazing products ever. Soothing, calming and protecting, a perfect day cream.

  38. Star Rating


    This is my most repurchased moisturiser ever! Absolutely love it, it's a lovely light lotion but still gives good moisturisation, never leaves a greasy film on the skin and is perfect as a make up base. Also perfect to use over a facial oil, as it doesn't overload the skin, just leaves it soft and plump, cannot fault this in any way, packed full of anti ageing botanicals & a fabulous price for the quality of ingredients.I also love the pump bottle as it makes it so economical to use, I've just taken delivery of the new odylique style packaging and although the cream is the same, the new bottle & design just make it even more lovely!!! If you only try one thing from Essential Care then this has to be it!

  39. Star Rating


    ODYLIQUE TIMELESS ROSE MOISTURISER, smells divine! works wonders, soothing, calming, gives skin moisture! I love it!

  40. Star Rating


    I have used many different products labelled 'suitable for sensitive skins' all of which have not really helped or in some cases made my skin worse !!!! I was beginning the think I had a serious skin complaint, then I tried your products......the Coconut Cleanser, Rose Facial Spray followed by the Rose Moisturiser......Absolute Bliss.....my facial redness reduced in days and my skin felt calm and comfortable !!! THANK YOU

  41. Star Rating

    S Y02/02/2014

    I really love this moisturizer, it is so light and soft on my skin and it does sinks in quite quick but the result is amazing, my skin feels soft, and I can see my nose wrinkle diminishing when I smile which makes me love this cream and the ingredient is so healthy. I have sensitive skin so I'm glad I really found the brand and moisturizer that works for my skin.

  42. Star Rating


    This is such a lovely moisturiser. It sinks in so quickly and is light, but not too light - it leaves my skin feeling plumped and comfortable. Smells lovely too - really gorgeous product.

  43. Star Rating


    I have always used the best moisturisers,but this beats all of them.Ihave always had good skin, but now it looks fabulous.I am so glad i discovered this range.Thank you.

  44. Star Rating

    Rebecca T13/09/2013

    Your organic rose moisturiser is absolutely the best I have found - hence why I've been using it for 5 years now.. I love it!

  45. Star Rating

    Rebecca Maclean08/09/2013

    Totally forgot to check back in and let you know my thoughts! love the moisturiser - its perfect in the morning as it sinks in sooo quickly and has proven to be a great base for using mineral powder make up! I also love the fact that it doubles up as an eye cream too x

  46. Star Rating

    Sharon G08/09/2013

    I received your rose moisturiser several days ago and I wanted to tell you how delighted I am with it, my skin feels amazing.  I have over the years bought so many face creams that I have had an allergic reaction to but not yours.  I am really delighted and will be ordering some more products.

  47. Star Rating


    I love your massage oil, rose moisturiser & repair lotion...the perfume of them all just gives me a big lift and knowing they contain no nasties is the best thing about them. Thank you for providing such lovely products.

  48. Star Rating


    I love organic rose moisturiser

  49. Star Rating

    Actress Denise van Outen08/09/2013

    I can't live without it!

  50. Star Rating

    Andrea, Head of Skincare, Better Food Company08/09/2013

    Rose moisturiser is our no. 1 best seller – I think it could be the next cult phenomenon!

  51. Star Rating

    Miss M08/09/2013

    This is a lovely light moisturiser that makes my skin feel like silk. I have combination to slightly oily skin and it's always a challenge to find the right moisturiser, so I'm very happy that I can use this cream without any problems. The first week of usage my skin became a little more oily, but after that my skin stabilised and I experienced no further problems. Even my mild rosacea is gone!

  52. Star Rating

    Rebecca H08/09/2013

    I would just also like to say that I think your products are fantastic, there are very few out there that are really organic, in the true sense but yours are, they also work and are a great pleasure to use.

  53. Star Rating

    Carolyn T08/09/2013

    We love your products... the Rose Moisturiser is a staple in this house!

  54. Star Rating

    Facebook wall08/09/2013

    I've always loved your products as they are so pure & natural but they also work wonders on my skin :) [Rose Moisturiser] not only makes my skin look so smooth and refreshed but it smells divine too :) and on top of that it's organic! What more can I ask for? 10/10 for this wonderful product! :)

  55. Star Rating

    Facebook wall08/09/2013

    No other product I've tried, natural or otherwise, keeps my combination skin matte throughout the day [Rose Moisturiser]. I can get away without using pressed powder most of the time, which is unheard of for me, and I love the all-natural, nourishing ingredient list. I will never buy any other brand!

  56. Star Rating


    I have just recently tried your Rose Moisturiser, Coconut Scrub, and a handmade soap and I am delighted to say these products are simply gorgeous. I have a chemical allergy/sensitivity and was desperate - I reacted badly to everything and nothing seemed to work for me until I tried Essential Care. I am now going to place a larger order with confidence and just want to say thank you so very much and please please, don't ever stop making them - no matter what keep going, as this is definitely the future in skin care and cosmetics.

  57. Star Rating

    Anonymous 08/09/2013

    Your organic rose moisturiser is absolutely the best I have found - hence why I've been using it for 5 years now. I love it!

  58. Star Rating


    This product calms my sensitive reactive eczema skin, its so soothing and calming! I love it! Will buy again when needed, its a rescue for red angry skin, it soothes it and calms it down, for me its a must have!

  59. Star Rating


    This is my most favorite moisturiser of all time and I think I will use it for eternity. I love it that its gently enough to use over my entire eye area. It is a fabulous make-up base, make-up stays on all day. It smells lovely, it is fantastically moisturising and it makes my skin lovely and soft. The price is also very resonable if you compare to other organic brands.

  60. Star Rating


    This is light but nourishing and has a lovely light rose scent, makes a great base for make up and leaves skin soothed, highly recommended for sensitive skin.

  61. Star Rating


    Love love love the Rose Moisturiser!! This is the first product from Essential Care that I tried 1.5 years ago now, and from this product is how I fell in love with the company! A good moisturiser is hard to find! One that has the right balance of nourishing the skin, without feeling too heavy. Most moisurisers I've tried in the past either leave my skin feeling dry still or too heavy and as if my skin can breath, which results in irritation. The Rose Moisturiser has that great balance, which is why it's my all rounder year round! Doesn't matter if my skin is feeling sticky or too dry, it just balances it all out, like magic lol. Whenever I go away, this come with me! Absolutely love it! xx

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Odylique Timeless Rose Moisturiser: Aqua, Rosa centifolia flower water*, Simondsia chinensis seed oil*, Cocos nucifera oil*, Butryospermum parkii butter*, Helianthus annuus seed oil*, Glycerine**, Cetearyl alcohol, Hippophae rhamnoides fruit extract*, Cetearyl glucoside, Aloe barbadensis leaf juice powder*, Rosa rubignosa fruit extract*, Rosmarinus officinalis leaf extract*, Pelargonium graveolens oil*, Rosa damascena flower oil*, Lactic acid, Sodium anisate, Sodium levulinate, Sodium lauroyl lactylate, Xanthan gum, geraniol * & eugenol* (in the essential oils)

Plain English: Aloe vera juice*, Rose flower water*, Jojoba oil*, Coconut oil*, Raw Fairtrade shea butter*, Cold-pressed sunflower oil*, Concentrated extracts of Rosehip*, Rosemary* and Sea buckthorn*, Non-palm plant glycerine**, Essential oils of Geranium* and Rose*, Plant origin moisturisers & emulsifiers

*Organically grown & produced **Organic origin (total 94.14%)

press reviews

Press Reviews

“a beautifully light cream – a little goes a long way and it’s packed with organically grown ingredients that feel really nourishing”
Natural Health magazine, August 2008
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