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Abi and Margaret

Odylique & Our Story

Based in Suffolk, England, we are a small family team headed by Margaret, Colin and daughter Abi (see picture, from left to right: Abi & Margaret). Since establishing the Essential Care brand as a trademark and mail order company in 2003, we have been on a mission to make the purest skincare on earth.

Celebrity Comments

I've discovered Essential Care Organic Rose Moisturiser which is the ultimate - I can't live without it!
Denise Van Outen Actress
Calendula stops my nose from getting red and raw - I love it.
Sarah Beeney Television presenter
Essential Care are the best products; they leave my skin refreshed, clean and bright!! Love them!
Rachel McDowall Actress
My favourites Nuz & Essential Care keep my skin flawless.
Ashley Lilley Actress


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Natural Shampoo | Organic Shampoo | Gentle Herb Shampoo

Award Winnig organic shampoo

Awards and Certifications

  • Gentle Herb Shampoo 500ml
  • Gentle Herb Shampoo 500ml
  • Natural Health Magazine Award 2016
  • Natural Health Magazine Award 2016

Gentle Herb Shampoo

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“I tried your Gentle Herb Shampoo yesterday and I'm amazed! - after at least 20 years of suffering an itchy scalp, my hair and scalp today appear 'normal'.” H.W., Odylique Customer

Our very popular natural and organic shampoo was named best shampoo for sensitive scalps in the prestigious Guide des Meilleurs Cosmetiques 2015-16. It also received a gold medal as the 'standout' winner in the prestigious ‘Free From’ Skincare Awards and has won Janey Lee Grace's Platinum Award 3 times.

Bring shine and vitality back naturally to even the most sensitive scalp with this unique natural shampoo. It is the first shampoo that ever achieved Soil Association approval: Bursting with organic herbal ingredients and coconut oil to nourish the scalp, it is free from all sulfates (SLeS, ammonium lauryl sulfate, sodium coco sulfate, SLS), fragrance, artificial preservatives and salt.

Gentle Herb Shampoo is balancing and conditioning for all hair types, including dyed hair. It is ideal for problem skin and may be suitable for scalps prone to psoriasis, dermatitis or eczema.

The goodness of natural herbs and oils and absence of harsh detergent means that after a week or so of regular use, many people find that they don't need a separate conditioner. 


  • Strengthening horsetail
  • Conditioning coconut oil
  • Soothing chamomile
  • Biodynamic nettle for scalp health
  • Shine-promoting rosemary
  • Moisture-locking aloe vera juice



  • 100% natural, 70% organic
  • Free from wheat, dairy, soy, common allergen nut oils
  • pH 5.5 - balanced to that of the skin.
  • Suitable for Vegans
  • Recyclable packaging: 20ml size presented in a tube. The 200ml and 500ml Gentle Herb Shampoo are packaged in a 100% recycled UK-made bottle. Please note that the 200ml is pictured and the 500ml comes with a standard top and not a pump dispenser. 

If you suffer from eczema, psoriasis or any other allergy, please download our Information Guide.

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99 Reviews For Gentle Herb Shampoo

  1. Star Rating


    My daughter has a curly hair and it make her hair very soft and tangle free. We loved it and smell nice tooo..

  2. Star Rating


    What a relief to find a shampoo that stops my scalp from itching.when washed my hair feels soft and clean just so so happy with it

  3. Star Rating


    I'm so happy I found this shampoo. I've been searching for a silicone-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, fragrance-free, essential oil-free shampoo that could also tackle my dry scalp issues! I couldn't find anything that remotely served my needs until I found Odylique. I'm in the US and the price is a bit high compared to domestic shampoos, and I am going through this pretty quickly due to my ridiculously thick hair, but this shampoo is SO worth it. The first time I tried it my scalp immediately felt calmer and less flaky. I use generous amounts, spend 3-5 minutes massaging it into my hair and scalp, and leave the shampoo on for another 2-3 minutes. I shampoo 2-3x a week. I don't need to use any conditioner or even any product- my hair is usually really frizzy and unruly, but this shampoo has tamed it! I just wish that this shampoo came in much larger sizes- 32 to 64 oz, because it goes too quickly. Thank you Odylique!!

  4. Star Rating


    This shampoo is lovely and does what it says in the description. I suffer from eczema and a dry scalp and it is so nice to use - doesn't lather up as much so you know it doesn't contain harsh chemicals etc. and is what it says. Love it!

  5. Star Rating


    This shampoo is brilliant. Very fresh and relaxing in scent. You do need to use more than the usual shampoos but the quality of the clean more than makes up for this! Also, very glad it comes in multiple sizes.

  6. Star Rating


    After hunting high and low for an SLS shampoo, I settled for this one and haven't been disappointed. It does the job perfectly, and is so much less hassle than using a separate shampoo & conditioner. And I love that it contains only natural ingredients. Well done Odylique!

  7. Star Rating


    I have to say that I was apprehensive to try this shampoo as I always found that natural shampoos leave a kind of horrible feeling/layer to my hair which gets worse the more you use it. This however is amazing. I don't need conditioner, which I can't get my head around, as normally if I don't have conditioner my hair gets tangled to the point I can't get a brush through it. This herb shampoo leaves my hair smelling nice, feeling gorgeously soft and it has a lovely shine to it. More importantly from the first wash my head stopped itching. (Every shop bought shampoo caused my head to itch.) I love it so much I will never use anything else!! I put it on my hair and leave it, whist I shave my legs etc, for the 2-3 minutes as suggested. If you are unsure, just try it.

  8. Star Rating


    I've been using this shampoo for the past 16 years since I was introduced to the original version. It's gone through a few formulation and packaging changes but having tried a few others in the meantime I always come back to it. Anything with the words sodium, laurel, sulphate in it in any permutation or variation make my scalp sore and this has the shortest ingredient list of anything I've found. It lasts for ages and it's also the only shampoo that doesn't need a conditioner alongside. I always make sure I have a spare in hand as I'd hate to be without it. This and the Timeless Rose moisturiser would have to be my "desert island" toiletries! For those who feel they do need a conditioner - persevere. I was told in the beginning it takes awhile for the hair to adjust.

  9. Star Rating


    I used the shampoo for the first time yesterday. I felt like I had to keep applying more and more as I've used to other shampoos in the past and one part was quite knotted but I'm sure the more I use it the less I'll want to add lots to my hair. What I loved was that my hair felt squeaky clean afterwards. I blow dried without putting on my usual Argan oil and my hair was/is so shiny. I'm pleased I've purchased this and look forward to my next hair wash!

  10. Star Rating


    I liked to consider myself as a bit of a greenie, but for some reason always used non-organic, expensive salon shampoos. Don't ask me why :-) I never really considered why my scalp was always itchy either. I put it down to my genetics, rather than the products I used. I persevered with this shampoo, as truth be told I didn't immediately like it either. But what I did notice a few months later, was that I no longer had an itchy scalp, or little pimples either. So I've continued to use this shampoo and have grown to love it because inadvertently it has taught me something about my tunnel vision over 'hair'. (I was organic in food and skin care, but ignored hair...... quite silly really) !

  11. Judith03/03/2017

    I am very impressed with this product, my hair has never been so soft without using an additional conditioner. I only need to use a small amount at a time, lasting longer. I also only need to use one amount of shampoo when I wash my hair, I have always washed my hair through twice previously. I am now going to try some of the other products by Odylique.

  12. Star Rating

    Emily Joy23/02/2017

    I love this shampoo! I alternate between this and the tea tree & herb shampoo and think my preference slightly leans towards the tea tree one. However, both are equally fabulous and gently sooth and cleanse the way nature intended, not strip out the goodness as other shampoos do! My scalp is healthier, my hair is shinier and thicker and the skin on my poor cracked hands is not aggravated by it, the way it is with the other chemical filled nasties! I bought the two shampoos back in September 2016 and they are still going strong! They may be that bit more expensive than your other shampoos but I can truly say they are well worth the money as my skin health alone is thanking me for it! Keep up the good work Odylique :)

  13. Star Rating

    Caged Queen17/02/2017

    I'm new to the range and it's fair to say, I had high expectations particularly for this product. Having used it for the first time today, I disagree and feel that you do need conditioner. My hair is a mixed bag. Medium/long with flamoboyage highlights, my scalp can be itchy and flaky but it does get oily quickly as I have fine hair. Obviously, with colour, your hair can be slightly drier on the ends but overall, my hair isn't dry. When applying the product, I could instantly tell there wasn't enough moisture and it was hard to massage though my hair. Once I towel dried my hair, it was very hard to comb. Unfortunately, you will need a separate conditioner for longer, dry or coloured hair in my opinion. Love the concept and quality of the products, I'm sorry Odylique that this didn't work for me.

    [Odylique Reply]

    Because our shampoos are 100% natural and based entirely on gentle non-sulphate cleansers and a high concentration of organic vitamin and mineral-rich botanicals, they are so kind and conditioning to hair and scalp, that a separate conditioner is not usually necessary. Aloe juice, rosemary, chamomile, biodynamic nettle and horsetail are packed with nutrients including chlorophyll, iron and silica which promote a healthy scalp and hair growth. Coconut is absorbed deep into the hair shaft for improved condition, manageability and shine.
    Commercial shampoos and conditioners often contain silicone which coats the hair shaft to increase comb-ability and shine, disguising rather than addressing any underlying damage. They can also build up over time making hair lank and heavy.
    Switching to a botanical based shampoo containing natural, active hair nutrients should avoid the need for a separate conditioner, but if your hair has underlying damage or is chemically treated, we recommend scrunching a tiny spot of Organic Ultra Rich Balm into hair ends after shampooing until the condition improves. Or give your hair an overnight intensive treatment mask by applying a very small amount to your scalp using fingertips, comb through, cover head with a shower cap (or protect pillow with a towel) and shampoo out well in the morning.

  14. Star Rating


    So glad to have discovered this shampoo. I have eczema and a very sensitive scalp thar's easily irritated. The great thing about this shampoo compared to many other natural or sensitive-skin shampoos is that it actually feels like it cleans your hair properly as well as being really gentle!

  15. Star Rating

    Rita 03/02/2017

    This shampoo cured my scalp itchiness, allergies and is so gentle. My face used to develop a rash using normal high street shampoos this have prevented that. I do tend to use a lot of product on my long hair and I wish their was a conditioner to go with it. I wouldn't be with out it and do prefer it to the tea tree range. LOVE

  16. Star Rating


    I couldn't bring myself to believe that the shampoo could work without a conditioner. I was so wary of my hair feeling dry that I applied some oil before I washed my hair the first time with the shampoo. I was also skeptical if the oil would get washed away by this gentle shampoo. It did, beautifully. The next time I actually used it without a conditioner, and given the fact that my hair is really dry, I was amazed by how soft and shiny my hair looked. It's just been a few washes and I've never had my hair feeling better. It's a great relief to get rid of using conditioners. Thank you Odylique.

  17. Star Rating


    I have struggled from an itchy, burning, flaking scalp from psoriasis/dermatitis for years. I have used just about everything with no long term improvement. This shampoo has been a game changer in finally giving me significant relief from my symptoms! I'm partially through my first 6.8 oz bottle, and am coming back for the larger one. Hopeful that with long term use my scalp issues may be resolved.

  18. Star Rating


    I really wanted to love this as on paper it's everything I care about in a shampoo. Sulfate free, made in the UK, unscented - tick tick tick. However, I found it impossible to fully rinse out and was left with sticky, coated hair as though I had forgotten to wash out conditioner each time I used it. The first time I thought it was me so I was extra careful to rinse thoroughly but this built up each time until I had to give up and go back to my Liz Earle shampoo just to get rid of the sticky feeling. This has happened to me before with other sulfate free shampoos, perhaps it's my hair type (long and very thick) but this really doesn't work for me. Disappointing as I really wanted to love it and make a switch to something unscented but the sticky, greasy feeling made me really self conscious. Sorry! I'm envious of everyone else who has great results with it!

    [Odylique Reply]
    The shampoo works to get rid of the synthetic coating masking any damage caused by aggressive detergents, get the hair back into naturally good condition (with the aid of a little Ultra Rich Balm if necessary) so it no longer depends on a synthetic cover-up and the natural health of scalp and hair can shine through. The clue here is you've had similar problems with other sulphate-free shampoos. Not being aggressive like sulphates at stripping the hair, it’s probably softening the build-up of synthetic polymers and silicones coating her hair, but not removing it all in one go – this can also be added back in by continuing to use conditioner. If you can persevere in removing the build-up, maybe speed up the process by repeating the wash and finishing with an acid rinse (cider vinegar or lemon juice) then not shampooing more frequently than every 3-4 days. It’s likely her long hair will need some help whilst the natural condition improves - a tiny spot of Ultra Rich Balm scrunched into hair ends whilst drying should help as this is absorbed into the hair shaft to improve condition rather than forming a non-beneficial coating. So you can be reassured you're doing the right thing – it’s just understanding what’s happening and persevering – it’s worth it!

  19. Star Rating


    I love this shampoo. It's light and pretty well none fragranced which I love. There's just a gentle hint of herbs if you smell your hair but none of the strong fragrances you get with a lot of shampoos. Hair feels lovely and no, there's no need for conditioner. Having used both sizes of bottle I prefer the larger one simply because the pump one wasn't easy to use. I didn't find it lathered like other shampoos so something to bear in mind if you have thick, long hair.

  20. Star Rating


    I've been using the gentle herb shampoo for about a month now and I'm very happy with the result. My scalp is less dry, my hair feels softer and healthier, I've stopped using conditioner and I'm able to go an extra day between washes. Definitely recommend!

  21. Star Rating


    I love this product. I was shampoo free for 3 years, so was a little nervous to go back to using shampoo, but this is delightful. It is very gentle, and because it has conditioning properties too, it is very quick & easy to use. It does not froth as much as a conventional shampoos, but it is gentle & chemical free, and still washes out hair products with just one wash. I have been using it 3 times a week, for over a year now & highly recommend it.

  22. Star Rating


    Wasn't too sure if I liked this shampoo at first as, like it says, it doesn't lather up very much. I now wash my hair twice and I'm no longer using conditioner. The difference in my hair is wonderful! Doesn't feel heavy and my hair is definitely looking a lot more shinier! Absolutely love it!!

  23. Star Rating


    I'm 51 and this shampoo makes my hair look and act like it did when I was in my 20's! I don't have a particularly sensitive scalp, but my husband does and I thought it could be good for him and I like to use Organic hair and skincare products - I am so glad I purchased this. My hair is soft and straight, the first time for a long time (I have natural hair, not dyed etc and it has a fair amount of grey in it which makes my hair quite frizzy). My husband doesn't have an itchy scalp anymore or a funny rash around the hairline which is great. I have just bought the 500ml size as we will both be using this. I have used several different Organic and 'natural' shampoos in my time and this is by far and away the BEST. AMAZING - I LOVE IT!

  24. Star Rating


    I have developed a dry, flaky and very sensitive scalp which has become steadily worse as I've got older. (I'm 55 and post-menopausal.) My scalp reacted to everything. It regularly felt intensely itchy and sometimes felt as if it were on fire. It was very distressing. For a couple of years, I had stopped using shampoo and only used conditioners to wash my hair - I have very short hair, so it's not that difficult to get it clean and I only wash it once a week. Just using a (non-silicone) conditioner meant my scalp was less reactive but it would still be sore. I started rinsing with organic cider vinegar, which helped, temporarily. Having come across the Odylique website and reading the gushing reviews for the Herbal Shampoo I decided to give it a try. I've now used it three times over the course of nearly four weeks and I can't believe how calm my scalp is after washing - and that it stays that way for several days. It takes longer for the dry flakiness to develop and for the itching to start. I'm going to keep using it and will let you know whether the improvements continue but I'm really just SO delighted to be able to wash my hair and not be in immediate torment! Thank you so much.

  25. Star Rating


    I have straight thick shoulder length hair and have been suffering with a good size flaky, itchy patch at the back of my head for about 3 years. I've tried various organic natural shampoos that didn't help, with one that made it burn and ooze. After using this Odylique shampoo once my scalp felt calmed and the oozing stopped. I've been using in for about one and a half weeks now and it feels so much better. It still feels slightly itchy in the evening but I presume that's the calming effect wearing off. I can no longer feel the raised dry flakes that I could literally pick off (Yuk!). As with other people's reviews I didn't think it would clean my thick hair as it doesn't lather like other shampoos but it does and leaves my hair soft, shiny and easy to brush and dry even without a conditioner and I've always used a conditioner on my hair. I have just bought other products from the Odylique range to try to help my dry skin, which has got worse since I started going through the menopause. I've also bought some trial sizes for my daughter who gets very dry sore hands.

  26. Star Rating


    I decided to change to an organic shampoo due to developing a flaky itchy scalp for the first time. I am convinced this was actually made worse by using the usual branded dandruff shampoo and I seemed to be losing much more hair than usual after each wash. After using the Gentle Herb Shampoo the problem cleared up almost immediately. I did find that my hair became quite flyaway and needed a conditioner and a styling product to tame it, something that was previously not necessary but I am delighted to say after a few weeks of solid use my hair has settled down, seems thicker and healthier and an additional product is no longer required. So hang on it there for great hair!

  27. Star Rating


    My kids now 5 and 2 both had eczema since new born. I tried everything possible being sold in the market but nothing worked but Odylique's shampoo. The whole family has been using the shampoo for a good few years now and don't have no intention using other make ever. It is God send! Thank you!

  28. Star Rating


    I really like this shampoo - it has made my hair very shiny and soft. It took a bit of getting used to, but the results are great!

  29. Star Rating


    I've used conditioners all my life so I was a bit skeptical about using only shampoo. And since moving to London, with its hard water, extra moisturising conditioners have become part of my hair care routine, but no more! After using this shampoo, I couldn't believe how my hair was so soft, untangled and didn't feel like straw or greasy like other organic/natural shampoos I've tried. I'm only using this from now on!

  30. Star Rating


    My husband and I are incredibly impressed by the gentle herb shampoo. Since using your shampoo we no longer have itchy scalps and lank, unhealthy hair. Our hair is shiny, full of bounce and we don't need to wash it so often. We no longer need to use a conditioner or special shampoos designed for itchy scalps or dry out of condition hair. We both love the scent which is especially good for my husband who prefers a more woody, manly scent. For many years we had used standard shampoos / conditioners full of chemicals and had developed dry, itchy scalps and very lank hair which needed washing even more, so I wanted to find a better alternative and something that fitted the organic / chemical free way of living that we prefer. This product is perfect.

  31. Star Rating


    I have suffered from psoriasis on my scalp for years, it was so bad that my husband said it didn't snow here I just shook my head. I have been using this shampoo for a week now and for the first time in years I no longer have a flakey itchy scalp. I have also had so many compliments about how good my hair is now. Its the best shampoo I have ever tried and will now not use anything else

  32. Star Rating


    I use this shampoo and when the bottle is finished i go back to other brands for a change but I have to admit when i go back to the Gentle herb shampoo my hair is in better condition. I usually wash my hair every other day as I have fine flyaway hair and the water where i live is very hard, also when i use the other shampoo's by the 2nd day and with the weather being warm my scalp feels dirty and itchy which i don't seem to have with this shampoo, so i am going to stick to this shampoo as it ticks all my boxes i just need to do something about the water maybe buy a water softener.

  33. Star Rating


    I firstly came about this product on another natural product website, my thoughts were well... it says its natural and perfect for a sensitive scalps i might as well try another shampoo. I have tried so so so many shampoos that claim to help with my sensitive scalp (which became very itchy and flaky after washes) and all left my scalp dry, made my scalp more sensitive or completely dried out my hair.But when I tried this Gentle Herbal Shampoo ( 20ml sample) my search was over! My hair snow is gone and my hair is the softest and healthiest its felt in a long time. :)

  34. Star Rating


    I wash my hair every morning and so look for a shampoo which does not dry my hair; this shampoo takes a little getting used to as live in a hard water area so need to use more shampoo. My hair feels very clean and bouncy after use, I do use a little conditioner on the ends as do not have time as instructed to leave 2-3 minutes. However I have noticed I am using less conditioner now. I am now going to order the large size in future.

  35. Star Rating


    I have really thin, dry hair so I was looking for a natural shampoo to help repair my hair and this does exactly that! Felt the difference on the first wash - my scalp feels less dry and my hair is feeling slightly thicker. I would highly recommend.

  36. Star Rating


    Since using this amazingly gentle shampoo, my scalp is now free from the red, itchy and totally embarrassing white flakes..My hairdresser cannot believe the change in my hair and scalp condition. It is so easy to use leaving the scalp and hair shining and soft and only a small amount is required making it extremely cost effective for such a luxurious product. thank you Margaret .x

    [Odylique Reply]
    Thank you so much, Tessa – it’s great to hear it works so well for you! Margaret x

  37. Star Rating


    I searched the Internet for a SLS free shampoo and found the Herb shampoo. My wife and I have given the shampoo a good test! We are both very pleased, no scalp itching and soft hair result. Just ordering again.

  38. Star Rating


    The shampoo is simply amazing. it leaves my hair soft and shiny. I have shared it with my daughter who is just as pleased with the results. She intends to place an order herself.

  39. Star Rating

    Irene 22/03/2016

    Shampoo leaves my hair soft and manageable. I have wavy, dry and very fine hair. I loose a lot of hair daily and have noticed that since using your shampoo I am not loosing much hair when I wash or comb it. It would be nice if you had a hair conditioner.

  40. Star Rating


    My hair has been thinning since having my family, and have been using a range of products recommended by my Salon to combat this, lately I have suffered increasing itchiness on my scalp, and decided that I would try a natural alternative. I have very short hair so use just one and a half pumps, it takes a bit of getting used to not having masses of bubbles, but my hair is so clean and soft I will be sticking with this product. Oh yes, and the itchiness disappeared instantly!

  41. Star Rating


    I stopped using this for a while,y hair just wasn't the same, since using it again my hair is getting back to the best shine & condition again, would highly recommend it.

  42. Star Rating


    I regularly colour my hair and had delayed ordering this product, despite being a big fan of several other Odylique products, because I wasn't sure about not using a conditioner. As well as the damage from colouring, my hair is naturally quite dry anyway. I finally decided to give it a go, and I'm so glad I did. It lathers nicely, smells fresh and clean, and has left my hair lovely and soft, with no feeling of build up. It's the first time I've ever foregone conditioner, but my hair is so silky, clean and soft - you really don't need one! Will definitely be switching permenantly to this one.

  43. Star Rating


    I have had an itchy and dry scalp for approximately 20 years ( bad flaking on suits and jackets) after being reccomended by a friend to try the HERB SHAMPOO, I ordered the 200 ml size. I have used the shampoo for Two weeks and the difference is amazing, the flaking has almost disappeared and. I can now wear dark jackets again.

  44. Star Rating


    As shampoos go, this one is pretty pricey (for me at least). I have tried a few times to wean myself back onto the regular shampoos to save money, but after a few uses I find myself coming right back to this one. You get none of the dryness or stickiness that I find with "normal" shampoos, just a lovely squeaky clean feeling (and it's literally squeaky clean, just try it for yourself when you're rinsing). I particularly enjoy using this shampoo when I've been away for work. It's wonderful to come home and detox, getting rid of all the fabric conditioner remnants and other unwanted chemicals that seem to build up in my hair when staying in hotels. I'd recommend this shampoo to anyone.

  45. Star Rating


    This shampoo is fantastic - it leaves my hair feeling conditioned without the heavy feeling you get from conditioner. It also keeps my scalp in much better condition, no flakiness whatsoever. Highly recommend it!

  46. Star Rating


    Prior to this my go-to shampoo was the Bumble & Bumble Hairdressers Oil shampoo, however despite it being SLS-free, my scalp was still dry and irritated. Seeing the amazing reviews, I decided to try the $5 tube and I was initially disappointed.

    The shampoo was runny, didn't smell very pleasant, and didn't lather! I seriously had my doubts about the cleaning ability of this shampoo, but after drying my hair I was pleasantly surprised! Not only was my hair soft and clean, my scalp did NOT feel dry or itchy!! Impressed is an understatement on how I feel about this shampoo, as I will definitely be ordering a full-sized product ASAP! I love that the ingredients are all natural, and the results are immediate! I can't recommend this enough!

  47. Star Rating


    After using the Repair Lotion and Ultra Rich Moisturising Balm (And Calendula Balm) for a month or two, my severely aggressive (auto-Immune) Eczema was brought to a whole new plane of existence. My diet is normally 100% organic, raw, and vegan .. for the last couple years. (The eczema came on after the death of 3 family members and a huge amount of stress between my partner &I at the same time) ... The products with Odylique made such a radical difference to my healing journey that I could allow any other factors to be seen, finally (because it was obviously not diet-related for example; how to access the other lifestyle factors however?)
    The shampoo i had been using right before GHS was a handmade pure organic herbal one from a Herbalist/master Colonic Irrigationist i met while on retreat on the Dead Sea (Eczema brings you to interesting places!) with DeadSea mud in it too. It was fine. I didnt know that i really "needed" another shampoo. Yet with all the limitations on life that Eczema brings, it seemed like a small amount of "luxury" ought be permitted.
    Gentle Herb Shampoo is what it says. The reason I have not deviated from it since I got my first bottle (Im still on it actually; it lasts and lasts, and i have long hair!) was, the trust that all the other products instilled in me from the start; feeling that this Odylique shampoo will not only clean hair, it will heal scalp too (if you have any skin issues there) .. I actually was blessed not to have my scalp outwardly affected but just having this high quality product made with both integrity and love, was more than a physical remedy. I am fierce proud to have such beautiful products support me at a time when i was intensely vulnerable and desperate. Now i continue to choose them because I know just how incomparable they are. Go raibh maith agat. Sorry this is so long!

  48. Star Rating


    I got a free sample of this, and my hair felt amazing after just 2 washes - no conditioner needed. I wish I could afford to get more! Brilliant product.

  49. Star Rating


    I have recently started colouring my hair and was getting fed up of all the sulphate-based shampoos stripping my colour really quickly, I also have an itchy, sensitive scalp, so I decided to try something a bit more natural. This shampoo is so lovely! When I first used it, as I was rubbing it into my hair it felt a bit like it wasn't going to clean my hair as much as I wanted it to, but as soon as my hair dried I could see it was beautifully clean and fresh. It's so moisturising that I don't need to use a separate conditioner, and my colour has definitely been lasting longer too!

  50. Star Rating


    I purchased the trial size and within the first wash I noticed the frizz in my hair was dramatically reduced. I am now buying the 200ml and stocking up. It is really gentle. I am yet to waver the conditioner afterwards, but I hope to ween my hair off.

  51. Star Rating


    Have purchased this shampoo twice now and it is wonderful. It has lasted me ages both the smaller and larger sizes. Calms my itchy scalp from wearing hats all day at work from the heat and leaves it feeling soft, conditioned and well maintained. Even my hairdresser has commented saying my hair is extremely resilient and a wonderful colour and texture. I have very fine hair but lots of it and so I avoid conditioners like the plague. I usually have to wash my hair at least every other day, and whilst no shampoo has cured this problem for me, I am slightly more confident about going that extra day of not having to wash it as being an all natural shampoo, it doesn't strip my hair, making it produce more oil to compensate. It has a faint smell that is neither overly feminine or off putting, my little girl who is nearly 3 loves it and leaves her hair feeling soft. I have even caught my hubby 'borrowing' it for his own use, not to mention washing with it and putting it in the bath as a wash for our daughter, thinking it was a nice bath oil! I find it very hard trying to find a shampoo that doesn't weigh my hair down but this one ticks all the boxes for me! Thanks Odylique, finally a natural shampoo alternative after countless hours of searching and being disappointed by finding nasty preservatives or harsh detergents lurking in so called 'natural' hair care brands' products.

  52. Star Rating


    I combine using this with a fortnightly wash with the Tea Tree oil shampoo - the only shampoos that genuinely help with dandruff and itchy scalp whilst keeping your hair looking shiny.

  53. Star Rating


    I was looking for something that is not harsh and with only few ingredients as I recently have a horribly sensitive scalp as well as the skin. I tried the shampoo and after just two times I think it is fine, no raction. I do not have any sensitivity and no itchiness, my hair feels fine, shiny and I do not have a problems with combing, so far so good. :)
    I am thinking about the Rose cream as well as the make up. If I will be ok with the shampoo for longer with no reaction, defenitely will try cream and make up.

  54. Star Rating


    I have used many so called "gentle and organic" shampoos and most of them either dried out my scalp or made my hair limp and lifeless. At last a gentle shampoo which leaves your hair feeling clean and with volume. The downside is the packaging. I don't understand why a shampoo has a pump which is normally used for handwashes. If you want to lock the pump then be prepared to waste plenty of product otherwise just let the air get into it. DEFINITELY NOT ECCO FRIENDLY PACKAGING. I would much prefer a tube with a flip top lid.

    Odylique Response: Dear Marty, So sorry to hear you had a problem with the pump. It is intended to aid dosage and be more user-friendly (e.g. some people with children prefer it if they've only got 'one hand spare'), so we are grateful for your feedback. It may be that your pump was faulty - we are happy to replace it. We try really hard to make our packaging as eco-friendly as possible - the shampoo bottles are made from recycled material in a factory about 30 miles from our own production facility and are more readily recyclable and biodegradable than tubes.

  55. Star Rating


    I have had huge problems with allergy and was at my wits end when I found your gentle herb shampoo. I no longer have sick hair and an itchy scalp. No more breaking, no more reaction to the changing weather, and no longer any need to use a conditioner. I am an older woman in my early sixties and my life is now infinitely better! I hope you never change this product or stop making it in my lifetime!

  56. Star Rating


    Great shampoo! One of the few that does not make my scalp flaky or itchy.
    It has a pleasant smell, not too strong which I think is a good thing.
    The only reason it wont get the last star is because I feel like you have to use quite a lot of product(I have very thick hair), so it gets used up pretty quick.
    Besides that, it is awesome!

  57. Star Rating


    The best shampoo ever and the first I have used that really doesn't make my scalp itch. I swim a lot and rinse my hair with fresh lemon juice before shampooing to neutralise the pH - it cleans my hair far better that the harsh products swimmers usually have to use and leaves my hair so soft and healthy looking.

  58. Star Rating


    Due to my frequent travelling and changing environment resulted in very dry scalp and itchy skin. After just one use it stopped itching and my scalp came back to normal state. This shampoo is a miracle!

  59. Star Rating


    After my first try, I initially thought that it was not effective as it did not feel like I used a shampoo at all. To my amazing surprise, when my hair dried up, my hair felt very light, soft and silky smooth - as if I used a conditioner. In addition to these, I did not feel any itching at all, given my really sensitive skin/scalp. As a bonus, this shampoo smells divinely light and naturally neutral. It ticks all the boxes and worth every penny...Natural...Neutrally fragrant...Very gentle..Effectively conditions. All the best Odylique! I will be ordering more.

  60. Star Rating


    To be honest I wasn't expecting much from this shampoo thinking it would be good for my hair but difficult to use i.e. no lather. What a fantastic surprise! It lathers well and your hair feels so soft afterwards and the shine is fantastic. Will most definitely buy again.

  61. Star Rating


    I've been using this shampoo for about four years and would never use anything else. I have been able to reduce the number of times I wash my hair and my scalp never feels irritated any more. I am frequently complimented on how shiny my hair looks and people are always surprised when they learn that I only wash it once and use no conditioner or any other products on my hair. Please never change this product.

  62. Star Rating


    I have been using this shampoo for years. A friend asked what shampoo I used and she then started to use it too.

  63. Star Rating

    margaret ann 31/01/2015


  64. Star Rating


    I have been using this shampoo for just over a month and I love it! My hair is quite fine and was going through a really strange time, tingly scalp, greasy roots, dry ends, but since using this shampoo it has really settled down. Highly recommended. Thank you for such a lovely product Odylique:-)

  65. Star Rating

    Kelly 17/01/2015

    Couldn't wait to try this shampoo! My hair is greasy at my roots and super super dry on the ends! I needed something to balance it out but not strip it or damage it, this is perfect. It really makes my hair LOOK and FEEL better after i have used it and i like the fact I'm using natural products on my scalp so it doesn't irritate it

  66. Star Rating


    I suffer from Rosacea and Excema, and after using Gentle Herb Shampoo, the scaling/flaking on my scalp disappeared in less than three weeks. The Ultra Rich Balm has almost cleared up facial scabbing in the same amount of time. I feel certain with continued use, the scabbing will disappear entirely. My doctor also suffers from Excema, and when I told him about the products, and he was able to see the results, he was impressed. I told him, "I don't know what is in the shampoo and balm, but whatever it is, it works!" He replied, "Maybe it is what IS NOT in there that makes the products produce these results."

  67. Star Rating


    This is a lovely shampoo, which I have had absolutely no problems with, despite having a very sensitive scalp. It has a lovely fresh aroma and lathers well with a creamy texture and leaves me with shiny hair!

  68. Star Rating


    I have been using Gentle Herb Shampoo for over a year now and not only is my hair in brilliant condition, but it is thicker than it used to be. My hairdresser noticed the difference very quickly and always comments on how healthy and glossy my hair is. I normally buy the 500ml bottle and it lasts for weeks.

  69. Star Rating


    I have used many natural shampoos and this is the only one to get rid of my flaky scalp and give me beautiful, shiny hair without being weighed down (my hair is very fine). Thank you Odylique!

  70. Star Rating


    Great shampoo !

  71. Star Rating


    This is the only shampoo that my hair likes. It is really fine and anything else makes it dull and lifeless.

  72. Star Rating


    This makes my thin, slightly grey hair look great. I'd never die my hair because it is too weak. This shampoo is gentle enough for me and makes my hair look so good I don't need to die it.

  73. Star Rating


    this leaves my hair very full and fluffy and I don't need to use conditioner after as it tames the frizz but for some reason it wasn't shiny

  74. Star Rating


    I've used this shampoo for years as anything with SLS in it drives my scalp crazy. Got my hubby onto it as he likes the fact that he doesn't have to use separate conditioner and it doesn't smell girly. We've never used anything else on the kids. Usually we buy the 500ml size but it's been out of stock lately....must be getting popular?

  75. Star Rating


    I was really happy to find this Gentle Herb Shampoo a few months ago and since trying it, I will not use anything else!

    I have long hair which gets tangled easily and for some time now have had a very sore, burning, itchy scalp. The first time I used this shampoo, I was amazed at how soft my hair felt afterwards and best of all, there was no burning, itchy scalp afterwards! There really is no need to use conditioner after using this shampoo as your hair feels really soft and does not tangle after using it (especially if you leave the shampoo on your hair for a few minutes before rinsing). I had tried other organic shampoos, but they did not stop my scalp feeling hot and itchy afterwards - this one does.

    This shampoo has a nice fresh smell to it, which is not overpowering and it lathers pretty well for a natural shampoo. I do find that I need to wash, rinse and repeat, which obviously means I use more shampoo than I would with a chemical-laden one, but as far as I am concerned it is definitely a price worth paying, for the great results I get with this shampoo and the reassurance it gives me knowing that the ingredients are natural and organic.

  76. Star Rating


    I don't usually review items but had to do one for this new shampoo. I have multiple chemical sensitivity & much prefer this shampoo to the original gentle herb version (which always made me feel as though I had a cold coming on). My itchy scalp has gone completely & my hair is shiny & healthy without using a conditioner. I have long, fine hair, but lots of it & use a Tangle Teezer brush to detangle it whilst my hair is still wet after using the shampoo. I've had so many compliments about my hair, including that it "looks very glam". But there's more.... I have sensitive skin, easily react to products.... I diluted some in an empty bottle & added some dead sea salt to it (the salt dissolves) I use this mix for a facial wash & my skin has never looked better! Not at all dry but nice & clear & fresh. I use the shampoo as a shower & shave gel as well & don't need to use body oil or lotion after..... & no more itchy, dry skin!! I couldn't be happier. It's not cheap but I am so glad to have found one product that can be used for so many things in the shower/bath. Thank you so much, it really has changed my life. PLEASE don't ever stop selling it or change it. I honestly don't know what I'd do if you stopped making it with this new "recipe". x

  77. Star Rating


    I must have tried most shampoo over the years,but i can say honestly this is the best there is, in my opinion.It makes your hair feel and look amazing like the hair i had when i was younger.

  78. Star Rating


    I have been using the products from the rose trial/travel set and the Gentle Herb Shampoo for just over a week now with glowing results. They are simply the best products I have ever used and I have tried everything from La Prairie to Jurlique.

  79. Star Rating


    I tried your Gentle Herb Shampoo yesterday and I'm amazed! - after at least 20 years of suffering an itchy scalp, my hair and scalp today appear 'normal'.

  80. Star Rating


    I suffer with psoriasis and find your Gentle Herb Shampoo is the ONLY product that I can use on my scalp.

  81. Star Rating


    The Herb Shampoo is excellent & I'm very pleased with it - my hair gets less oily.

  82. Janey Lee Grace (radio presenter & author)12/09/2013

    I love Essential Care shampoo, it’s very gentle and manages to be quite foamy and creamy even though it’s all natural!

  83. Star Rating


    It's the best shampoo in the world! I ran out some months back and carried on with a bottle of what I was using before and my head was so itchy after less than a week. Now I hardly ever scratch my head and have also reduced the number of times a week I wash it.

  84. Star Rating

    Anonymous 11/09/2013

    Your organic shampoo is excellent, as is your lip salve.

  85. Star Rating

    Anonymous 11/09/2013

    Your Shampoo is the best I've ever used (in 40 years!). My hair looks and feels wonderful, no residue build up. I have long hair, so it needs to keep in good condition, but I don't like using conditioners since they make it lose body and bounce so quickly.

  86. Star Rating

    Anonymous 11/09/2013

    Gentle Herb Shampoo is quite excellent!

  87. Star Rating


    I would just like to say thank you for your wonderful shampoo in particular.

  88. Star Rating

    Jo Fairley (co-founder of Green & Blacks chocolate09/09/2013

    Gentle Herb Shampoo works on all hair types, leaving them very silky.

  89. Star Rating


    I would just like to say thank you for your wonderful Herb Shampoo in particular.  I had,  essentially, a burnt scalp from a bad hair colour and after using your shampoo over a short period of time, my scalp returned to normal, and I continue using it on a regular basis. I also find your Ultra Rich cream wonderful for my dry skin.

    Please feel free to use my comments if you wish.

  90. Star Rating

    Sue Kewley09/09/2013

    Thank you for producing such lovely products. I suffer with psoriasis and find that your gentle herb shampoo is the ONLY product that I can use on my scalp. I also use your organic coconut body wash and find this very helpful.

    I am able to purchase these products from the Health Shop in Beccles, where I live. I would like to purchase larger bottles, as I get through them fairly regularly, and so came to look on your web site, unfortunately there are no details. Please could you let me know at your earliest convenience.

  91. Star Rating


    I have been using the products from the rose trial/travel set and the Gentle Herb Shampoo for just over a week now with glowing results. They are simply the best products I have ever used and I have tried everything from La Prairie to Jurlique. Thanks for supplying great products!

  92. Star Rating


    I tried your gentle herb shampoo yesterday - and I am amazed! - after at least 20 years of suffering an itchy scalp, even directly after washing, my hair and scalp today appear 'normal'. Just thought I would let you know how great it is to find something that really works!

  93. Star Rating


    I must say I am really happy with your organic shampoo. I have tried some organic and natural ones but none of them suited me. I can't help stroking my soft hair now. Thank you very much.

  94. Star Rating


    It's the best shampoo [Gentle Herb Shampoo] in the world! I ran out some months back and carried on with a bottle of what I was using before and my head was so itchy after less than a week. Now I hardly ever scratch my head and have also reduced the number of times a week I wash it.

  95. Star Rating


    This is the best organic shampoo [Gentle Herb Shampoo] I have ever used. It’s very gentle, very mild smell, but cleans my hair very well, gives them nice volume and does not dry them out. No more itchy scalp! And it’s SO pure, no chemicals! I love this shampoo! Please never stop making it!

  96. Star Rating


    I really have tried lots of shampoo's for my sensitive, itchy, flaky, scalp, this is the best, my hair is thick & WAS coarse, now it's silky & soft & in great condition. The itchiness is improved too.

  97. Star Rating


    I like this shampoo so much I bought the 500ml size. Hair feels clean after use and my scalp itchiness is greatly reduced and hair is beautifully shiney. I use a lot of styling products and I like bubbles so I find I need to wash once, rince then re-apply.

  98. Star Rating


    I use this on my son and it is very gentle and perfect for sensitive skins. It does not foam very much due to the lack of harsh chemicals but it gives a lovely clean shiny look the hair, highly recommended.

  99. Star Rating


    Years and years of trying anything and everything I found this shampoo. Lathers great, smells nice and cleans superb. I live in NL and have to buy it in BE but it is so worth it!

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Odylique Gentle Herb Shampoo: INCI: Aqua, Coco glucoside, Cocos nucifera oil*, Sodium lauroyl lactylate, Aloe barbadensis leaf juice powder*, Chamomilla recutita flower extract*, Equisetum arvense extract*, Rosmarinus officinalis leaf extract*, Urtica dioica extract*, Glycerine**, Lecithin*, Alcohol*, Levulinic acid, Lactic acid, P-anisic acid, Sodium levulinate, Xanthan gum.

Plain English: Aloe vera juice*, Gentle cleansers from coconut & corn glucose, Coconut oil*, Chamomile*, Nettle*, Horsetail* & Rosemary* herbs, Sunflower (non-GM) lecithin*, Sugar cane alcohol*, Plant origin stabilisers.

*Organically grown & produced, **Organic origin (70%)

press reviews

Press Reviews

“Gentle Herb Shampoo works on all hair types... a wonderfully scalp friendly formulation that foams perfectly yet leaves hair silky.”
Jo Fairley, Beautybible & You Magazine

Mum of the Mig - Healthy Hair the Natural Way, August 2012

 Looking at the ingredients of Elena's Trinity shampoo (£22.85 for 200ml), I wanted to do a little research into a couple of the long scientific sounding names, and they all came back as plant based and natural as did the Essential Care (Gentle Herb Shampoo) product as it seems that certain gelling and preserving agents need to be in these kinds of product, but they can be naturally occuring as opposed to chemically based and that is what you need to look out for. It is worth doing a little bit of research of different ingredients to put your mind at rest, as I did before introducing you to these two companies.


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