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Abi and Margaret

Odylique & Our Story

Based in Suffolk, England, we are a small family team headed by Margaret, Colin and daughter Abi (see picture, from left to right: Abi & Margaret). Since establishing the Essential Care brand as a trademark and mail order company in 2003, we have been on a mission to make the purest skincare on earth.

Celebrity Comments

I've discovered Essential Care Organic Rose Moisturiser which is the ultimate - I can't live without it!
Denise Van Outen Actress
Calendula stops my nose from getting red and raw - I love it.
Sarah Beeney Television presenter
Essential Care are the best products; they leave my skin refreshed, clean and bright!! Love them!
Rachel McDowall Actress
My favourites Nuz & Essential Care keep my skin flawless.
Ashley Lilley Actress


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Rose Facial Tonic for Sensitive Skin | Dry Sensitive Skin Facial Toner

Award Winnig Calming Rose Super Tonic

Awards and Certifications

  • Soil Association Certified Organic
  • Green Parent Magazine - Natural Beauty Awards 2011
  • Green Parent Magazine - Natural Beauty Awards 2016

Calming Rose Super Tonic

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We believe that a true skin tonic deserves a renaissance. It is a multi-functional skin care item used not only to cleanse tone and gently balance the skin’s natural acid mantle but as a soothing hydrator which in warmer weather can totally replace a separate moisturiser.

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25 Reviews For Calming Rose Super Tonic

  1. Star Rating


    This toner is a dream. Ultra moisturising, and gives a lovely glow in a matter of days.

  2. Star Rating


    This is so freshing after washing your face. Smells lovely! I look forward to spritzing my face.

  3. Star Rating


    I love this toner I spritz one pump into my hand it the toner goes a long way and sinks straight into my skin ready for my moisturiser. Not overpowering smell of roses so ideal for gentlemen to use as well as ladies.

  4. Star Rating


    My homeopath recommended me this product to treat mild rosácea and the redness in my face has reduced significantly in a month. I just ordered myself a refill :)

  5. Star Rating


    A great calming tonic which smells absolutely divine.

  6. Star Rating


    I did not rate this well when it was first introduced, as I had loved the previous version, but I can't live without it and would love to have a travel size. I am buying a sample but it may be too small.

  7. Star Rating


    I use this rose tonic as a deodorant/body spray and love the smell! It feels like such a luxury, especially coupled with the rose face moisturiser and body moisturiser :)

  8. Star Rating


    I love this tonic, I use it morning and night to freshen up my face before moisturising. It really reduces redness and has such a lovely light, rose-y smell. It is also great at removing any last traces of make-up that may be left.

  9. Star Rating


    I loved your previous Rose Tonic but this formulation doesn't smell nice and leaves my skin feeling tight and uncomfortable

    [Odylique Reply]

    Hi Gillian,
    We're sorry to hear that you don't like the new Rose Tonic. It actually hasn't changed much, apart from the inclusion of a biodynamic calendula extract that should be even more soothing. It also has slightly more rose oil than before to give greater flexibility/economy of use, though that shouldn't adversely affect the aroma. There's nothing in the product that would be drying or tightening. It would be interesting to know what you're cleansing with. We would suggest perhaps spraying the tonic onto a damp cotton pad to apply or remove. The tightening may actually be the toning effect you are feeling (the rose helping to regenerate the skin). We would love to hear back from you so please keep in touch!

  10. Star Rating


    Whilst this product smells nice from the roses point of view and felt cooling and refreshing on the skin, I am left unsure if I am honest, I thought I could smell a strong smell of alcohol. although it is just residual from the tinctures to make the herbal actives for the product but, to me the smell seemed quite strong as I have a fairly sensitive nose. I always associate alcohol in products with stripping the skin. Being blemish prone, alot of brands contain alcohol in order to preserve their products and to help 'control' oily skin types when in actual fact with long term use can do more damage than good. Odylique does not 'add' any alcohol to their products and I am sure that with long term use, it would not cause the dryness or harsh effects like many other brands using synthetically produced alcohols. This product just wasn't for me but none the less still a good product for others to experience and shouldn't be put off by.

    [Odylique Reply]

    Thanks for your review. Just wanted to check that you are shaking the Tonic before use? You’re quite right – and don’t worry - the amount of alcohol (which is organic and not a synthetic alcohol) in the Tonic is a very small residual amount and would never be drying. Glad you like the smell of the roses and find it refreshing!

  11. Star Rating


    I have been only using this product for three days, the calming effect is wonderful. Love it. Highly recommended

  12. Star Rating


    What can I say this toner is perfection in a bottle. I have tried many rose waters and this beats them all. It is more pricey, but the ingredients justify it. I sometimes just spritz my face with it in the morning (if in a rush) and I am good to go, smells light & lovely providing moisture too. Fabulous.

  13. Star Rating


    I have been a fan of your old toner but since the introduction of this new formula, it become my all time favorite toner.
    If it run out and I stopped using it for a few days, my skin miss it so much.
    Nothing more refreshing and soothing than spraying this toner over my face after running/walking.
    It also works to calm hustled mind too.
    Just love it!

  14. Star Rating

    margaret ann 31/01/2015


  15. Star Rating


    This toner calms my skin every time I have irritations or redness of any kind. It freshens skin in the morning and relaxes in the evening. Leaves no tightness of any kind and smells fantastic. Helps throughout the day to fight dry and damp skin. Perfect for winter, when central heating drains my face of moisture; and for summer, when in need of refreshment. A daily must-have!

  16. Star Rating


    I suffer from acne rosacea and was recommended to use this toner. It's brilliant for calming my skin and returning it to a more normal, less flushed look. It also smells divine!

  17. Star Rating


    This is a fantastic facial spritz which I have bought and used for the last few years, although I hvae not reviewed this until now. The spray is just right to mist the face and I use this after cleansing and then apply serum whilst the skin is still damp. This appears to work well for me. I also spritz throughout the day to revitalise my skin and to set make up after a blot and powder in the middle of the day. The spritz helps to give skin a dewy look and stop powder from looking cakey. I also love the rose smell which is comforting and relaxing and makes me feel better.

  18. Star Rating


    This toner is amazing! I've been using it for more than 4 years now and although I have very sensitive skin, I never feel tightness or irritation. I especially like it during the summer, when it refreshes me instantly. And I just use it over my make-up. Love it!

  19. Star Rating


    This toner is fantastic!
    I apply it every morning before my face cream just to refresh the skin and prep it and it's just miraculous :)
    I would've loved it to come in the option where I can put it on a cotton pad and not spritz it though. I just think it saves a bit of product that way.

  20. Star Rating


    I just love this toner!
    It is perfect for my dry skin.
    Smells fabulous and is so Organic.

  21. Star Rating


    This is a really brilliant product. So many 'rose' fragrances smell chemical but this is so subtle. The most natural fragrance and soooo.... refreshing when spritzed on after cleansing or at any time you feel like it. I had my doubts when I saw that it had been reformulated but I needn't have worried. I love it. The spray itself is so fine. It feels really luxurious. And you know that it's safe for your delicate face skin.
    Thank you for a great product.

  22. Star Rating


    I think your Rose [Petal] Toner is a really really great product!! I have been trying many many toners including foreign brands, such as from the US, France, and Japan. I just have experienced a bad skin reaction with an organic toner from a new-comer brand, which is by the way 3 times(!!) more expensive than the rose toner. I think we, women with sensitive skin, should be glad to have the Essential Care to rely on in the time of troubled skin.

  23. Star Rating


    Love this toner, the spritzer has been a real go to product during the humid weather, I even take it out with me when I go anywhere, its also very soothing and the rose smells just like the roses my mother had in our garden at the house I lived in as a child! Love it!

  24. Star Rating


    This makes a great toner or face spritz for sensitive skins, especially good for skin that flushes easily. I pop mine in the fridge in the summer and it is heavenly. This has a gorgeous rose smell, fresh and crisp!

  25. Star Rating


    I absolutely love the Rose Petal Tonic!! Toners are another tricky thing I find for people with sensitive skin, but this is perfect! I have found in the past that toners make my skin feel itchy or too tight, but this one just makes my skin feel refreshed and heavenly lol! I've been using it for just under a year now, and use it daily, with no irritation or tightness. I keep mine in the fridge, for that extra freshness and a nice little pick me up lol. I've even used it as perfume, as it smells heavenly lol! xx

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INCI:Rosa centifolia flower water*, Calendula officinalis flower extract*, Alcohol*, Rosa damascena flower oil* *Organically grown & produced (100% of product)

Plain English: Rose flower water*, Calendula flower extract*, Sugar-cane alcohol* (please note that we do not add any alcohol to the product - there is a very small amount of organic alcohol residue contained in one of the ingredients; a biodynamic herbal tincture. By law this must be listed on the product label.) Rose essential oil*

(*Organically grown/produced)

press reviews

Press Reviews

The Daily Mirror suggested that to achieve the current trend for a dewy look can be achieved by adding a mist of Odylique Calming Rose Tonic over makeup.

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Recommended by the Daily Mail, January 2010

“a therapeutic hydrating mist that soothes dry, sensitive skin”
Best magazine, September 2008

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