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Abi and Margaret

Odylique & Our Story

Based in Suffolk, England, we are a small family team headed by Margaret, Colin and daughter Abi (see picture, from left to right: Abi & Margaret). Since establishing the Essential Care brand as a trademark and mail order company in 2003, we have been on a mission to make the purest skincare on earth.

Celebrity Comments

I've discovered Essential Care Organic Rose Moisturiser which is the ultimate - I can't live without it!
Denise Van Outen Actress
Calendula stops my nose from getting red and raw - I love it.
Sarah Beeney Television presenter
Essential Care are the best products; they leave my skin refreshed, clean and bright!! Love them!
Rachel McDowall Actress
My favourites Nuz & Essential Care keep my skin flawless.
Ashley Lilley Actress


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Moisturiser for Eczema Prone Skin | Cream for Itchy Skin

Repair Lotion

Repair Lotion

We're currently offering 75ml for the price of 60ml Repair Lotion, but this is in the form of 25 x 3ml SACHETS! The normal format of Repair Lotion 60ml, as well as the 200ml will be back in stock at the end of March - we're very sorry about the delay. For
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Lovely Review by Joan
Star Rating
This is my granddaughter and daughter’s favourite moisturiser as it cools down the skin and is lovely and soft (Posted on 17/03/2018)
Really effective Review by Carina
Star Rating
I love the repair lotion - it's really effective in healing problem areas, such as really dry, sore skin. And it smells so comforting! (Posted on 10/03/2018)
Love this lotion Review by Sonia
Star Rating
I don't think I'll ever use another lotion. I've been searching for a silicone-free, paraben-free, phthalate-free, fragrance-free, essential oil-free, and vegan lotion. This is all of that and it *works*. I use this lotion all over, and particularly my hands that were previously dry due to frequent washing. This lotion keeps my hands and other body parts moisturized and supple. Thank you Odylique for your commitment to excellent products without comprising on ingredients or ethics. This is a fantastic company that I will continue to enthusiastically support. (Posted on 22/09/2017)
Can’t thank you enough! Review by Deborah Tayler
Star Rating
Repair Lotion and the advice on your excema information sheet have saved my husband from a lifetime of "..." use. We can’t thank you enough for producing your helpful excema information sheet. On it you mentioned that one of the reasons for excema constantly recurring is the existence of bacteria which colonise the irritated skin. Of course, using heavy duty steroid creams reduce inflammation effectively, but encourage bacteria to flourish even more because they suppress the immune response. Your information sheet was the first time we had come across this – the Dermatologist certainly never mentioned it. My husband tried to wean himself gradually off "..." onto a weaker steroid cream in the hope of coming off them altogether, but it would always flare up again immediately. His excema was all over his back, which is a large area to have to use "..." almost indefinitely, with its undesirable side effects.

Using this information, we made up our own protocol as follows:
Twice a day – first thing in the morning and after a shower at night – I sprayed colloidal silver over the entire area to kill bacteria, and let it dry for about 5 minutes. Then I applied a liberal layer of Repair Lotion and let that dry (about another 5 minutes). Job done! His excema started to improve by about the 3rd day, and after a fortnight was gone completely. He had it before that for about 2 years continuously, and was in various degrees of agony!

Thank you so much!

[Odylique Reply]

Thank you for this lovely review, Deborah!
To anyone who would like to read our info sheet, it is available here: https://www.odylique.co.uk/media/pdfs/Allergy_Pron (Posted on 21/08/2017)
Best lotion for facial eczema/ sensitive skin Review by Krystal
Star Rating
This lotion is the only one that has cleared up my facial eczema which I have been suffering from for the past year. I have used the lotion for the past 3 months. My skin was itchy, red, very dry and flaky. Sometimes I would find myself waking up in the middle of the night scratching my face (wearing cotton gloves did not help). I did not want to use hydrocortisone as it will thin the skin with long term use. After applying the Repair lotion 2-4 times a day, along with the Ultra Rich Balm, my eczema showed signs of improvement after 5 days. In just 3 weeks my skin completely healed! I also used the Creamy Coconut Cleanser which did not irritate or dry out my skin. I now use the lotion twice a day for prevention purposes. I would recommend the lotion to anyone who is suffering from facial eczema or irritated skin.

In addition, I have been using the lotion and the Ultra Rich Balm on the eczema patches on my fingers for the past 3 months. I have been using a non-fragrance, soap-free hand wash. Although the eczema patches initially calmed down in less than 1 week, they flared up again repeatedly even though I applied the lotion and balm several times everyday (re-applying after washing hands). My eczema still has not cleared up! (Posted on 23/07/2017)
Brilliant product - top quality! Review by COH
Star Rating
My husbands eczema was getting worse and his existing cream was not working. He has been using this lotion and it has cleared up wonderfully. Real lovely silky lotion that sinks in well and makes the skin feeler softer straight away. I have also been using it on very dry patches on my scalp and it has improved significantly. Love it. I will definitely buy it again. (Posted on 24/05/2017)
life saver lotion Review by parveena
Star Rating
After struggling and trying so many products finally i have found the repair lotion that is perfect for my sensitive blemished itchy skin.It has been 10 days and i can notice the rough skin bumpy bits are calming down.The redness is almost gone.I no longer have dry and flaky skin.I have tried few other samples but have been advised to stick to this til my skin heals completely.The best product so far.I really love it. (Posted on 03/05/2017)
Awesome product Review by Sarah
Star Rating
The repair lotion is a great all rounder. I have used it as a moisturiser and a body lotion. Settles down irritated skin very quickly. (Posted on 30/04/2017)
Miracle cure for the whole family Review by Stick
Star Rating
This cream is absolutely the best one I have used for dermatitis and eczema in nearly 35 years. Until last year I'd been using the same old creams 'recommended' by doctors and the beauty industry to clear up my skin, i.e. Paraffin based emollients and topical steroids as well as the occasional dose of oral antihistamines. It always came back. It was an endless cycle. I started getting worried about using so much so did some online research and came across Odylique. Gave several of their products a try last year and my skin has never looked or felt better. I ditched Clinique for facial skin care too for Odylique and have received several compliments about my skin since. My skin is glowing and my eczema is gone! I have successfully 'cured' my 5 year old sons occasional eczema with the Repair Lotion too. Even my sceptical husband (an E45 man) was impressed! This cream is surely revolutionary and such reasonable value for the benefits. What an amazing gift the founders of Odylique have given us in their ability to harness nature to its full effect. (Posted on 29/04/2017)
Good for eczema but annoying bottle Review by Sophia
Star Rating
I have used this regularly since last year now, and find it does provide relief for my eczema (although the effects do tend to wear off pretty quickly, and I have to reapply a lot). However, one annoying thing is the design of the pump means there is still quite a bit of lotion left over in the bottle towards the end, but can't be pumped out - I find I have to unscrew the top and manually take the lotion from the bottom of the pump or use my fingers to scrape it from the sides. Could be better designed I feel. (Posted on 12/03/2017)

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